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Who Are We?

Couryah is a Halifax-based on-demand delivery platform that launched in May, 2019. Couryah is founded to be a one stop online platform for all your local needs and more. That includes grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants and other specialty food stores around the city. It's as easy as One, Two, Delivered!

Our mission is to redefine convenience in the on-demand delivery experience through sustainable development of local communities.

The Journey So Far

Today, we have grown to cover Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth & surrounding areas with over 10,000 products available for delivery on our platform.

Looking ahead, our android/iOS apps are expected to be released in the summer of 2021. Stay tuned for new partnerships, weekly deals and daily new products throughout 2021!

Our Vision is to build a platform that creates super local networks within urban communities that connects and empowers all its users to experience sustainable growth.

Our Values


At a time when communities need to be tighter, Couryah is there to strengthen that hold by connecting you with a network of stores and shoppers around you so you can remain close to your loved ones.


Think then think again! We are tirelessly innovating to increase the efficiency of our system so we can give back to the community. Our customers, partners and shoppers are the true heroes of our story and lie at the heart of everyday's narrative.


As fellow humans of the world, we are morally obligated to treat each other with kindness and respect. At Couryah, we share that same belief about the environment. As of November 2019, our shoppers use 100% recycled paper bags.


Couryah is founded under the principles of challenging the status quo. Our mission is to redefine convenience by bringing your favorite local stores online and making the process seamless and fun. We will go the extra mile for your last mile delivery.

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