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Who Are We?

Couryah is a Halifax based on-demand courier service. Our platform lets you order from a wide list of groceries and partner restaurants available for delivery in less than 60 minutes.

Our Mission

  • To become a one stop shop for your food and groceries' needs in the HRM. We are on a mission to offer delivery from the widest selection of restaurants and groceries on our platform.

Our Merit

Convenience. We understand that time is valuable and you cannot buy that back. We also know how much of a struggle it is to wait for a cab in Halifax. Within minutes, you can have your order placed on our website. Then, Voila! Your order will be delivered in less than 60 minutes, whether it's food from your favorite restaurant, groceries or both!

Our Promise

Food and groceries delivered within 60 minutes.*

Our Impact

By valuing your time and convenience above all, we wish to impact your life in a better way and help you achieve more while enjoying your favorite meals and treats.