One, Two, Delivered.

Food and Groceries delivered right to your doorstep in Halifax, NS!


Click 'Order Now' to browse our list of groceries and partner restaurants available for on-demand delivery


Shop from up to 2 different sections (Restaurants and Groceries) on the same order


Sit back, relax and track your courier while the order is being delivered in less than 60 minutes

Limited Time Offer! $2.99 Grocery Delivery Fee Only. Order now or Schedule for Later.

No car? No problem! We can deliver all your groceries right to your doorstep for a flat delivery fee of $2.99. That's it!

Double Down and get your groceries delivered for FREE.

Add any grocery item(s) to your food order from one of our partner restaurants at no additional delivery charge. Delivery fee is calculated based on your location from the restaurant. No extra fees.

Local for Locals

Get live status updates of your courier with your order delivered in less than 60 minutes. Couryah's team is local and we pride ourselves on being experts in city logistics. We will dodge the potholes for you!


Our DNA is Orange but we are going Green with our Shopping Bags

Shop responsibly and contribute to a green(er) future. Couryah's shoppers use only 100% recycled paper bags  

"My son was sick so I had ordered an item that he really needed. It was out of stock. So the courier went to the nearest gas station and picked up multiple and way more expensive items, at no extra cost might I add! So thoughtful and I am so thankful. They are so polite! I’ve had 3 different couriers and they are all just wonderful kind people! Thankyou!"


28 SEP 2019

"It was easy, quick and “uber” convenient (pardon the pun). I like being able to get all of shopping done in one shot and this is definitely a game changer. My order was in my hand in less than 45 minutes, and the driver was super helpful as I have limited mobility for the next couple of months. Great job! 💯 % will try again."


27 SEP 2019

"I was extremely pleased with the service from COURYAH!

Great service, and extremely reasonable price for delivery of BOTH groceries and food from a restaurant!"


27 SEP 2019

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